About Soular Bears

"That's what's cool about what we're doing. We're not just going out there and playing Bon Jovi and playing what everyone else wants to play...” -Kyle Douglas, Bassist of Soular Bears

Soular Bears combines funk, soul, and a little taste of modern R&B to give their cover set a feeling that lingers - something you rarely see from other flat bands. Head out for a night on the town in western Massachusetts and one will run into a swarm of generic cookie cutter covers. From ZZ Top to Kid Rock, it's all been done before... but not this way. Soular Bears still plays classics such as Michael Jackson's “Billy Jean” and The Police's “Roxanne” and all those songs you want to hear, however the band makes them their own, all while still encompassing what makes those beloved hits what they are.

“Not only do I love singing but I love people... I love seeing them smile, making them dance.” Laurie C, front-woman of Soular Bears, appears to feed off of her audience. At 14, Laurie began singing in her school choir and, although nervous at first, successful solo performances and positive audience reactions blossomed her into a premiere singing sensation. Laurie can even be found in the recording studio from time to time, adding her flair to various Valley bands' recordings.

The rest of the band seemed destined for Soular Bears. Their friendship began way back in high school band, and after playing in other local original bands on and off, they found themselves jamming together once again. This time, they focused on covers, and soon Soular Bears was formed. Josh, guitar, explained his joining of the band to be fate: “It's pretty amazing now to be playing with them, because it seems like something I've been almost working towards subconsciously...”

Soular Bears have taken over the western Massachusetts nightlife and are ready to take that energy to bigger and better venues and events. In the crowded world of generic cover songs, the band's heart and originality separates them from the pack. Their rhythm and beats lift audiences from their seats, bodies of all ages start dancing, and before long you're singing songs you didn't realize you knew the words to. Fun, energetic, mature, punctual and on-point with their musical ability (as over 100 years collective musical experience shows), Soular Bears are the premier cover band in western Massachusetts.

  •  Over 100 Years Collective Musical Experience

  •  Entertainment For Any Crowd

  •  Hardworking, Reliable, Quality Musicianship

  •  All Encompassing Musical Experience

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